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Police: Man Allegedly Pulls Revolver on Another Man Over Traffic Spat

Officer Tim Hoskins
Officer Tim Hoskins of the Park Forest Police Department. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A Park Forest man allegedly pulled a revolver on a second man after the two had a traffic spat, according to police. The two allegedly exchanged words while driving and pulled over into the parking lot at 7-Eleven on Sauk Trail, although the nature of the words exchanged depends on who is telling the story.

Paul D. Krumrie, 34, 322 Nassau St., Park Forest, was arrested on May 20 and charged with reckless conduct and obstructing a peace officer.

An officer was in his squad car east of 7-Eleven and saw two vehicles enter the north entrance of the store’s parking lot. One man got out of his vehicle and approached the other vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle, later identified as Paul D. Krumrie, exited his vehicle and allegedly removed a silver revolver from the right side of his waistband and held it by his leg, according to police.

The officer got out of his vehicle and Mr. Krumrie got back in his car and began to drive a couple of feet south, telling the officer that the other man was cutting vehicles off, according to police. The officer told Mr. Krumrie to stay at his location and Mr. Krumrie allegedly said, “I’m going home,” according to police. The officer again ordered Mr. Krumrie to stay at his location and Mr. Krumrie allegedly said that he was leaving and then exited the parking lot and proceeded south on Central Park Avenue, according to police.

The officer spoke with the driver of the other car who said he did not want to get involved but stated in summary that while he was driving Mr. Krumrie allegedly called him, “N-Word this and N-Word that,” according to the report.

That driver was African American. Mr. Krumrie is white, according to the police.

A woman inside that driver’s vehicle said they did not want to pursue charges and that Mr. Krumrie should not have pulled out a gun, according to the report.

The officer returned to the Park Forest Police Department where a sergeant was able to obtain a photograph of the registered owner of the vehicle that left, Paul D. Krumrie. The officer positively identified the driver as being Mr. Krumrie, according to the report.

SouthCom ran Mr. Krumrie through LEADS and found that he did have a valid FOID card but did not possess a concealed carry license, according to police.

Three officers proceeded to Mr. Krumrie’s home located in the 300 block of Nassau Street.

An officer knocked on the door and Mr. Krumrie came out, stating, “I know why you are here,” according to police.

The officer advised Mr. Krumrie that he was under arrest on a charge of reckless conduct and he was handcuffed and placed into a squad car.

While on the way to the station, Mr. Krumrie allegedly told police spontaneously, “That dude ran me off the road. I pulled in the parking lot, and he walked up on the. I’m going to protect myself one way or the other. Whether it be one way or something. You saw him run up on me, I felt threatened,” according to the report.

At the police station, an officer and a detective interviewed Mr. Krumrie who told police that he was going east on Sauk Trail when “this guy was weaving in and out, cutting people off, driving like an ass hole and the guy was yelling at him,” according to the report. Mr. Krumrie allegedly told police that he yelled out the window, “Cut it out ass hole,” according to the report.

The two pulled into the lot and Mr. Krumrie said the other guy got out of his vehicle and approached him, according to police. Mr. Krumrie allegedly told police that he was within his rights to defend himself one way or the other, according to police. Mr. Krumrie allegedly told police that he felt threatened, according to police.

Mr. Krumrie saw the officer and got back in his car and left even after the officer asked him to stop, saying, “No, I’m leaving, I don’t feel safe,” according to the report. Mr. Krumrie said that he went home and was there until the police arrived.

When an officer asked him about the silver revolver that he pulled from his pants, Mr. Krumrie related that it was a pocket knife, according to police. Police asked him if he owned a silver revolver, and Mr. Krumrie allegedly replied, “I may. It’s in my dad’s possession, it’s at home in a lockbox,” according to the report.

Mr. Krumrie then allegedly told police that the revolver might even be at a friend’s house, according to police.

Mr. Krumrie told police that he felt threatened and took out his pocket knife, held it to his side, “and waited for him to attack me,” according to police. Mr. Krumrie then allegedly told police, “You say it was a revolver, you never know. That’s the best part about the Second Amendment, it’s your word against mine,” according to the report.

Mr. Krumrie related that his only intention was protecting himself from the other guy and from the police, according to police.

When told that the officer saw a revolver, Mr. Krumrie replied using air quotes, “Hearsay, call it a weapon, quote-unquote, a weapon,” according to the report. Mr. Krumrie denied having a silver revolver at the scene, according to police.

Mr. Krumrie was assigned a court date of June 17, 2020, at the Markham Courthouse.

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