Bernie Sanders Labor Day Speech — Campaigns for Hillary Clinton (Video)

NEW HAMPSHIRE–(ENEWSPF)–September 5, 2016. Bernie Sanders lashed out at Fox News at a rally Monday, describing the TV network as the last place that still debates the science of climate change. “You all know that the debate is over within the scientific community,” Sanders said at an afternoon event in N.H., his first solo day on the campaign trail for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Except on Fox television there is no more debate,” Sanders added. The Vermont Senator, once Clinton’s fiercest rival for the presidency, told his crowd Monday that the modern Republican Party was “scary.” “This is scary stuff, above and beyond everything else that scares us about Republicans,” he said. “You have a major political party which has turned its back on science regarding climate change. “Climate change is real,” Sanders added. “It is caused by human activity. And it is already, not tomorrow but today, causing massive problems all over this country.” Hyping the crowd into applause, Sanders said, “We have got to do the right thing, which is to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and to tell them that their short-term profits are not more important than the survival of this planet.

Source: YouTube